• Houses in sunset

    London House Prices After 2013

    In a previous post, I looked at data from the HPI Index, and discussed the impact of the Great Recession and subsequent government policies on the movement of house prices.

  • Houses in sunset

    London House Prices After 2008

    I have recently been playing with Bokeh in Python recently with one of the most important barometers of national progress, the ONS UK House Price Index. I look at what happened to house prices in Outer London since the Great Recession of 2008 and see if I can find any trends.

  • Picture of smartphones with app

    Digital Resources to Support Philanthropy at African Universities

    We have been working on a project in Geography and Environment at Loughborough University over the last year to build a set of digital resources for fundraising and development in African Universities. I got to work on everything from archival research, podcast production and app development in React Native. I’m really excited to see how people make use of it.

  • Everything you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask about A Thousand Plateaus

    Brain Massumi’s preface to the Chinese translation of A Thousand Plateaus is work of art in itself. I reckon it would probably have saved me a few years trying to figure out some of the details in the book. I tried to read one of Massumi’s older articles called ‘Becoming Deleuzian’ but I was put off by his style of writing at the time. This article on the other hand is really clear.
  • Picture of words protect me from what I want on a advertising display

    Psychopolitics by Byung-Chul Han

    I remember being drawn to a photograph of an advertising display in Times Square, New York displaying the words ‘Protect me from what I want’ by the conceptual artist Jenny Hozler a few years ago. I laughed at the irony of buying it from the gift shop of the V&A, where I had seen it as part of their Postmodernism exhibition. Han’s book opens with the same quote from Holzer, and investigates another case of philosophy playing catch-up with art.