Things I read in February.

Hegemony and Socialist Strategy

Half way through this influential post-Marxist by Ernesto Laclau and Chantal Mouffe text as part of a reading group. So far the book has dealt with a genalogy of hegemony in Marxist thought.

The Zoom Gaze

Im spending a lot of my life on video calls now like a lot of people, this was quite interesting to read. Also Stanford researchers identify four causes for ‘Zoom fatigue’ and their simple fixes.

Charlie Brooker in Conversation with Adam Curtis

Its always great when a new Adam Curtis documentary come out. The broad message I got from this set of seven films was that people want to live in their own individual dream worlds, whilst those in power are happy to maintain illusions, despite all of the contradictions in society because they are unable to provide any meaningful alternative. This is a nice conversation between Charlie Brooker and Adam Curtis. Also see social media is a scam, written by Adam Curtis