• Reading Log: Feb 2021

    Things I read in February.

  • Reading Log: Jan 2021

    Things I read in January. Brexit, navel gazing, nature, quantum mechanics and the end of techno-utopianism.

  • Learning Emacs

    Learning to use Emacs was the one of the things that 2020 pandemic gave me the time to really get to grips with. I had been trying on and off for a few years with Emacs, but I was put off by having to learn elisp just to configure it. This year I have come round to accepting as an elisp interpreter, that lets me work with text.

  • London House Prices After 2013

    In a previous post, I looked at data from the HPI Index, and discussed the impact of the Great Recession and subsequent government policies on the movement of house prices.

  • London House Prices After 2008

    I have recently been playing with Bokeh in Python recently with one of the most important barometers of national progress, the ONS UK House Price Index. I look at what happened to house prices in Outer London since the Great Recession of 2008 and see if I can find any trends.