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Learning Emacs

Learning to use Emacs was the one of the things that 2020 pandemic gave me the time to really get to grips with. I had been trying on and off for a few years with Emacs, but I was put off by having to learn elisp just to configure it. This year I have come round to accepting as an elisp interpreter, that lets me work with text.


Screenshot of smartphone app Screenshot of smartphone app

Fundraising in African HE

A set of digital resources for professional development aimed at African universities developed whilst I worked at Loughborough University. As well as putting together the research, the project involved the development of a cross-platfom app in React Native, a podcast series and a website. Read the press release.

Deleuze Machine

Twitter bot trained to generate text like A Thousand Plateaus. A friend has described this as adding fuel to the science wars, but I quite like the occasional bits of poetic gibberish it throws up.